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The Portland Press was born long before there was ever a business. Brothers from Philly, Brandon and Aaron Appel, best friends and now business partners, started out destined to work together. Aaron, a self trained chef since age 5, began training on his Easy Bake Oven and Fisher-Price kitchen set. Brandon, the consumet older brother, took on the business role at an early age, running the mock restaurant out of his 8th birthday present, a Samsonite briefcase. Despite the bickering of most brothers, the yin and yang balance of Brandon and Aaron and strong familial bond, has groomed them for success with The Portland Press.

After half a lifetime spent climbing the ladder in all facets of the food service industry all across the U.S., including cooking in and managing some of LA and Portland’s most notable restaurants, Aaron was ready to venture out on his own. Combined with all of his past work experience and world travels, Aaron’s passion for food and the desire to create something new and unique is what makes up every menu item and sandwich The Portland Press produces.

Armed with a degree in International Tourism Management and a lifelong dedication to hospitality, Brandon moved to Portland after a decade of entrepreneurship in South Florida. With one business venture under his belt, and an eagerness to start another one, the stars were aligning, and it was like a logical decision that the brothers Appel team up and create a winning concept utilizing both of their strengths and experiences.

What happened next, was DELICIOUS!

What is a pressed waffle sandwich?
A pressed waffle sandwich is a made to order American style waffle. Thinner than its European cousin and about 8 in round, this is the perfect waffle for sandwiches. The waffles are not super sweet and perfect for any of our sweet or savory options. The sandwich is then handcrafted on half of the waffle, with the other half placed on top, and pressed on the griddle under an 8lb cast iron press. This marries the ingredients and creates the perfect sandwich.

How did it come about?
We took the idea of a sandwich and pressed it up a notch. We wanted to offer a new kind of made to order sandwich, while also appealing to a wide range of tastes and dietary restrictions. Our dedicated gluten free food cart, homemade gluten free waffles made to order right on the cart, and our fresh, sustainable, local ingredients are the perfect trifecta, allowing us to offer you a handcrafted experience that you and your tastebuds won’t forget!

The Portland Press is truly a family business and you will always find at least one member of the family on the cart at any given time.  Stop by, say hi, and see what happens when passion, experience, quality, and family are pressed together!

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